Harley-Davidson Engine Protection To Hard Billet Parts

Get your Harley-Davidson secured and protected with our stylish, efficient, triple plated chrome parts. Our Harley-Davidson Engine Protection locking Oil Cap Dipsticks  are Smart Locking Dipstick Engine Protection Security Solutions for DYNA, FLH transfer cases and Softail oil tanks for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. 
As you know we don’t just make custom billet hot rod parts or 3d printed composite parts and motorcycle parts but we also engineered engine protection that secures, protects and locks your Flh, Dyna transfer case or Softail oil tank that prevents anyone from ruining your engine. We offer a research development sleek stylish motorcycle accessory at an affordable price. 
Everyone know’s the way to ruin a Harley’s engine is thru the engines oil tanks whether it be a Softail oil tank or a Flh, Dyna transfer case dipstick. The oem cap or stock dipstick either pushes in or screws in but they don’t prevent or protect someone from putting something into your engine and destroying it. SecureCaps locking dipsticks provides your engines oil tank, transfer case the protection it needs by not letting anyone put something into your engine thru your unprotected Harley dipstick. 1 SecureCaps Locking Dipstick is worth your hard work let alone your hard earned money, averts oil cap pop-offs, handles torque and horsepower, no more weeping, removes oil runs and protects anyone from damaging your Harley Davidson engine. Providing you a hassle and worry-free ride and the best riding experience while adding to the beauty of your bike.  https://www.hdforums.com

Custom Hot Rod & H-D Motorcycle Accessories

Get your Harley secured and protected with our stylish, efficient SecureCaps engine protecting locking oil tank dipstick cap for your Flh, Dyna or Softail.
SecureCaps are Smart  Engineered Harley-Davidson Engine Protection Security Solutions for the DYNA, FLH Transfer Case and Harley-Davidson’s Softail Oil Tanks is everything that you need. Extremely strong composites with excellent engineering benefits which are designed for the individual application. Whether your motor is a 96 v-twin, 103, 110, 124 etc our SecureCaps will compliment as it guards and protects your engine. 
We don’t just secure your oil tanks or transfer case, we offer a stylish motorcycle accessory at an affordable price. SecureCaps locks your Harley engine down, keeps people from damaging your engine, handles torque and horsepower, deters vandalism, averts oil cap pop-offs, removes oil runs and blocks road grime from damaging your Harley Davidson engine. Providing you a hassle and worry-free ride and the best riding experience adding to the beauty of your bike for just $99.99.
Don’t Get Caught Without It!

Custom Hot Rod & Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Accessories

SecureCaps engineered custom motorcycle accessory makes your Harley-Davidson Engine secured and protected with our custom stylish sleek engineered engine protection locking oil cap dipstick.
SecureCaps is a Smart Custom Engineered Engine Protection Security Solution for the DYNA, FLH and Softail Harley Davidson Engines Oil Tanks-Transfer Case and  is everything that you need to be safe. We don’t just secure your transfer cases and oil tanks, we offer a stylish motorcycle accessory at an affordable price.
SecureCaps locks your engine down, deters vandalism, keeps disgruntled and unwanted objects from ruining your engine, averts oil cap pop-offs, handles torque and horsepower, removes oil runs and blocks road grime from damaging your Harley Davidson engine. Providing you a hassle and worry-free ride and the best riding experience while adding a quality triple plated chrome motorcycle accessory to your bike that actually works for you.
Engine Protection You Can Count On

SecureCaps Engine Protection prevents anyone from messing with your bikes life blood!

It takes between 20 seconds to 1 minute to steal your Harley, but it only takes 20 seconds to ruin your engine!

No more messy spray out, pop offs, engine weeping or unnecessary engine repairs. SecureCaps are fitted with silicone and fluorocarbon O-rings, come with easy to read multi colored dipsticks, multi-combination chrome lock, triple plated chromes, rotating lid for stealth and sleekness, while withstanding the heavy heat produced by your Harley engines.

On the race track off the track , Torque, Horsepower, Grenade engines no problem,  making SecureCaps a necessary item for long road trip protection while in uncharted territory or your just out for an everyday ride.

1 SecureCaps Guards, Protects and Locks Your Engine Down!


Harley-Davidson Engine Protection You Can Count On!

Quality, safety, value and peace of mind that SecureCaps offers far out weighs the alternative when you consider the cost of insurance, vandalism, down time, theft etc.

SecureCaps valuable solution is another quality piece of insurance at an affordable price!

Not everyone can park their hog or prized possession in a garage or safe place.  SecureCaps Locking Oil Tank Dipstick is the best available chrome oil filler cap motorcycle accessory in the market. Its cool modern design is enhanced with smart security technology that ensures efficient protection of your Harley Davidson’s engine.

So keep your engine safe guy’s by letting people know they can’t ruin your engine. SecureCaps can be Stealth or Can be Seen its up to you, so just

Be prepared and not a victim – SecureCaps It!

Lock It Leave It & Don’t Worry About It!


SecureCaps  Flh, Softail, Dyna’s  version are designed to keep your Harley engine safe by passionate, lifelong riders and gear heads, upgrading the thin and flimsy, hard to read, leaky, weeping factory-made UN protected engine caps is just common sense.

SecureCaps motorcycle engine protection ensures that you are offered top notch triple-plated chromes or high gloss wet blacks for your Softail oil tank, flh, Dyna transfer case Locking Dipsticks!

Its smooth rotating lid conceals a revolutionary multi-combination locking mechanism that protects your engines oil tanks from unwanted substances, disgruntled people, unnecessary repairs, leaks, pop offs etc.

Once you drop your hard earned  cash in your motor believe us you don’t want to leave it exposed or wide open for a potential engine ruining where ever you go.

Being prepared is what SecureCaps is all about.

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