Some Background on SecureCaps

One day a long time ago, my friend Dave and I were at a shop with my bike, as it was on a lift getting the oil changed when Dave said, “Why don’t you have a locking oil tank cap on your oil tank?” By the way, this was to my Softail at the time. So we looked at each other and I said, “I don’t know”. And Dave said, “Everything else on your bike is locked down but what you have the most money and time invested in is wide open for ruin”. And so we created the SecureCaps. That is how SecureCaps got started.

Now as for our backgrounds, well we all came from different places but we were all gear heads in different ways.

We grew up doing Brodies on our Schwinn bicycles and riding them around Puddingstone as kids. We would stop and park our bikes out in front of Bracket Field overlooking the airport while eating breakfast early on Saturday mornings as just little kids, then we would ride our bikes around the lake rippin the puddles and jumps stopping for the craw dads and of course on the way home one of us would always get a flat tire and one of us was always prepared with the tire patch kit attached to our frame. I remember coming home at 3 in the afternoon all muddy having to clean the bike and shower myself and then eat Mom out of the fridge. Then we would all sit up on the corner with our kites seeing how far out we could get them, Some were 5000 feet which was big time for us until one of our friend’s Mom would whistle that dinner was ready and we had to reel it in. Good Old Days. oh and by the way many times we just cut the string.

We were so excited when Kelly on our block got the first 250 Enduro, wow this was a big deal coming from the 3 speed Honda 50’s and the 3 speed Honda 90’s. Back then we had a place called, “Clod Ostein” that everybody tore up in the dirt on the weekend, was a ton of fun. We would all sneak thru the fairgrounds at Winternationals in Pomona, sneaking into the pits, That was awesome! I remember all the cool stickers and coming home with bags of them. Now we are all grown up, still rippin’ the tracks when we can and tinkering in the back.

Fred grew up building machines or engines by the time he was just 10 years old. He has progressed into a very creative, successful developer for over 45 years.

Lance has been on the scientific side of the world, from lab calibrating to operations manager to a very successful Dad, Husband and Career guy for over 25 yrs.

So there you have it, how SecureCaps came about from creating a locking oil tank dipstick to making websites to molds. We now offer a one stop shop to help people transition from a thought process to an actual retail situation, with as little down time and monies spent unnecessarily.

Molds, 3D printing, 3D drawings, Packaging, Marketing, and Branding – we have the right tool for the right job today. From all of us here at SecureCaps, we thank you for supporting our Country and us.